COVID-19 measures in our B&B Wanderlust Rooms 

For your stay in our Bed & Breakfast we are obliged to inform you about the latest COVID-19 rules in Austria. 

  • At check-in, you are required to show a negative COVID test or proof of vaccination/past infection. 
  • Validity information: Tested: negative PCR-test (72 hours); antigen-test (48 hours); antigen self-test with digital solution (24 hours); regular antigen self-test as an exception only under supervision of the person who runs the B&B and only valid for this one entry into the accommodation. Vaccinated: proof of primary vaccination after the 22nd day and it must not date back longer than 3 months; second vaccination, that must not date back longer than 9 months; vaccination after the 22nd day, if it consists only of one vaccination. Recovered: proof of a past infection in the last 6 months; proof of neutralising antibodies (not later than 3 months)
  • Children up to the age of 12 don’t need a proof; older children can use their tests from school for entry. 
  • At check-in, you will need to register (as is usual in Austrian hotels). 
  • Please disinfect your hands whenever you enter a common space (porches, kitchenette). 
  • Depending on the type of proof you will use during your stay, you might need to refresh it every 24, 48 or 72 hours. You will always require a valid proof whenever you enter the breakfast room. 

Please plan your COVID tests well ahead and bring your own test kits when needed.

For visitors from abroad:
Here's a link to the current entry requirements for Austria.

In order to facilitate contact tracing in case of a COVID infection, we are legally bound to collect the following data from persons, who stay in our Bed & Breakfast: 

  • First name, family name 
  • Phone number 
  • E-mail adress if available 
  • Time of entry to the breakfast room 

In case of groups of people of a joint household, only one representative needs to register.

Upon request we have to hand over the data to the Bezirksverwaltungsbehörde, as demanded in § 5 Abs. 3 EpiG. This is the only legal use of these data, and we must handle them with care. We must keep the data for 28 days and have to delete them afterwards.

We strongly recommend to take out a travel insurance with cancellation cover

Please inform us, if you think you might have Covid-19 Symptoms while your stay at our house.

If you have questions, please feel free to ask us.